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Siddhi's Expanse Point of Care Mobilizes Nurses at KDMC


Siddhi Memorial Foundation (SMF), Bhaktapur, Nepal is a non-government and not for profit organization (NGO). we provides quality, accessible health care services for women and children through Siddhi Memorial Hospital (SMH), and support to seniors through the Siddhi Shaligram Senior Citizens' Home (SSSCH).


KDMC chose to become an early adopter of MEDITECH’s Expanse Point of Care software. Nurses and therapists were able to quickly conduct lab review, order review, nurse/therapist documentation, and medication administration using handheld mobile devices. This technology helped to make patient interactions more meaningful, as clinicians no longer needed to turn away from patients to use desktops or WOWs. Although the software was introduced on an opt-in basis, KDMC leadership saw impressive rates of adoption throughout the hospital.


After implementing Expanse Point of Care, nurses at KDMC realized the following benefits:

  • The software decreased clicks and motion counts, and provided nurses the opportunity to be more engaged with patients
  • In one test, the software reduced single-medication administration steps from eight down to four.
  • The streamlined single sign-on process saved nurses time